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Prices and Packages

While the creative instinct may come along suddenly, the act of creation is rarely a fast one. I strongly encourage my clients to plan for multiple sessions, to fully develop their artistic process. In addition to the single, a la carte session, I offer the following monthly packages.

All sessions are 90 minutes.

Limit 2 sessions per day, per client.

Must book sessions in advance to receive discounted Package Rate.

If you use all your sessions early, you can choose to add a single session (see above), or to start a new package of sessions. But book early—the calendar fills up quickly each month!

* Generally, “monthly” means a 30-day span from the first session to the last one. Given the unpredictable nature of this work, a grace period of up to 7 days may be applied as needed.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me here.

Every potential client gets a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation. At the end of that call, I would like to encourage scheduling our first 90-minute session. 1 session is $199.

Once the first appointment is scheduled, I will email an invoice to you payable at the beginning of the first session. I can take payments over the phone or through the invoice sent.

At the end of that session, depending on your needs discussed, I will encourage you to consider adding further sessions: 4, 6, or 8, sessions* in the 30-day period. Payment for each bundle to be processed at the beginning of the first new session.


*4 Sessions: $699 ($174.75 per session) (regularly $800 for 4, a savings of $100 or $25 per session)

6 Sessions: $999 ($166.50 per session) (regularly $1200 for 6, a savings of $200 or $33.50 per session)

8 Sessions: $1299 ($162.50 per session) (regularly $1600 for 8, a savings of $300 or $37.50 per session)

If a student chooses to purchase one session at a time, each session is $199, paid at the beginning of the session. The 90 minutes begins after payment is processed. Limit 2 sessions per day, per client.

If a student would like to pre-pay and pre-schedule for multiple sessions, they can order a discounted 4-per-month package ($699), a 6-per-month package ($999), or an 8-per-month ($1299) package, each payment due at the beginning of the first scheduled session. The discounted pricing only applies if all 4, 6, or 8 sessions are booked in advance.

If a 4-session student decides to upgrade at any time, they may add the additional 2 sessions for $300, or 4 sessions for $600. Unfortunately, there are no “downgrade” options at this time, so schedule wisely! Those additional sessions must still be set within the given month.

If the student wants more sessions after the 30-day period is complete, they would have to order another single or multi-session package at the standard rates.

No refunds, no further discounts beyond the above price breaks. This is why the first session for new clients is mandatory, to determine the best fit (and overall compatibility) before committing to additional sessions.

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