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Awaken the


Manifest Untapped Self-Expression

with Jazmyn Whitman, Creativity Consultant

Hello Lovely,
         I'm Jazmyn, your personal Muse.

What do I mean when I call myself, "Muse?" Well, I've always prided myself on my natural ability to bring out the inner artist in those around me. I've worked and played among creators, artists, musicians, and dancers my whole life.


I recently decided professionally to pursue my talent for uncovering people's otherwise unexplored creativity, and so I created "M.U.S.E." I help

Manifest Untapped Self-Expression.


I'm excited to share this process with you...

and the world!

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What I do
Artistic Photograph of Household items

What I do

I offer an individualized, guided experience for you to discover what speaks to you creatively. Studies show, when people explore creativity, they can experience feelings of release and contentment.


What sets me apart, beyond my unique, personalized focus and attention, are my compassion, empathy, and a generous portion of enthusiastic determination.

During our complimentary 30-minute phone consultation, we will discuss inspirations in your life, and how to integrate those elements into your creative future. We then schedule our first one-on-one session online, to make that vision a reality.

You may also choose to join my Community Craft Circle. We can exchange ideas and inspiration with others, as they work on their own projects simultaneously.

Ultimately M.U.S.E. is meant for YOU to embrace your artistic side. I am happy to assist in the creation, but I'm not going to make it for you. Think of me not as a surrogate, but as a midwife.

My Background Includes:

Belly Dancing
Costume Design
Digital Art
Film Making
Jewelry Making
Photo Editing
Video Editing
Web Design
and MORE...
Where Are You?

Where are you on your Journey?

I Have No Clue.

"I want to discover my creativity."


Are you not sure what type of creation would be right for you and your lifestyle?

We will cover many different types of creativity, so you can try a little bit of everything. This will give you the opportunity to discover the form that fits you best.

Goal Fariy

I'm Curious About...

"I'm still on a path of discovery."

We will start with surface exploration of your interests and familiarize yourself with the tools & techniques.


From there, we can deep-dive into that artform by trying different variations.

Question Fariy

I Have an Idea, But...

"I know what I want to do, but I need help."

You have a project you are ready to start, but you could use some assistance. I will help you troubleshoot and brainstorm the next steps.

You took care of the what and the why. I'll be there to help you figure out how. 

Explorer Fairy

I'd Like to Talk Artist to Artist.

"My creativity needs support."


You're an experienced artist, looking for heavy experimentation and "out-of-the-box" thinking.


As an artist myself, I would provide support and constructive feedback for developing that next "high concept" vision.

Collabora & Friend

When do you want to start?

How about now!
I offer a FREE 30 minute Consultation.
That way we can really connect and plan out your unique adventure.
Email me with your inspiration in the subject line.  
I look forward to
Awakening your Inner Muse!

Sent! I'm so happy you reached out!


Working with Jazmyn to create my logo has been a dream. I came to her with an ideas, but I am not good at drawing or digital art. She is a crazy talented artist. She is so thoughtful and her ability to listen to my ideas and realize them on paper is almost spooky. She allowed me to fully explore my ideas as we talked through my concept and inspirations until we arrived on a final version that felt perfect to my desire. I highly recommend Jazmyn for as an Artist and creativity coach for any artistic project you want to develop. She is professional, experienced, kind, patient and fun to work with!

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Burbank, CA, 91505

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