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Performance Art

Movement with Ink


 Middle Eastern Dance with the Sword

I have been performing on stage with my parents since I was little. My bodies' language was discovered while exploring my family roots, my Lebanese decent. Middle Eastern Folk dancing, one of the oldest dance forms entranced me. I quickly picked up advanced forms such as the sword, candle, tray dances & I created Ink dancing.

Ink Dancing

Many artist have tried to combine painting with movement. We try to capture the movement in paint like a photo captures a glance. 

As a dancer, a artist & seamstress, I envisioned 'Ink Dancing' as another form of performance art. I use Middle Eastern dance with a splash of contemporary to style the movement of the ink on large scrolls of paper. The wardrobe brings the experience into a performance. I designed and crafted my wardrobe to present myself as an extension of the canvas with my feet and skirts as the tools. The whimsical flow of ink & motion of the dance results in a 2D representation of a 3D performance.


I aim to immerse my audience in experiencing the creation of this art. The end product is only splattering of ink without the narration of the dance.


I invite anyone from my audience to dance with me after each performance. It is magical to see what blooms when the opportunity is given.

Performance Artwork

Sword Dancing

Sword Dancing combines the skill dance and balancing. With a bit of danger by using a sword. I can balance a sword while dancing pretty much anywhere on my body.  You will also see prop combinations of veil + sword, tray with lite candles, cane, and other of my group performances. 

I am available for training, consolation, performance & artistic reference.

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